Basic Tenets of SEO


With that said, let’s go over a few basic tenets of SEO.

    1. First and foremost, the point of search engine optimization isn’t to “game” the search engines. We are not trying to cheat or trick Google into giving your page a higher rank than one of your competitors. Certainly, there are “blackhat” methods that shady marketers employ in order to strong arm their way to the top of the results but these methods will 99% of the time end up getting your site banned within a matter of days. In other words, DO NOT try and cheat Google, Bing, or Yahoo – they will catch you and will ban your site.

    2. If you are trying to develop a long-standing brand, you want to put your time and efforts into creating high-quality content for your page. One of the best methods of developing a long-term SEO strategy is to invest heavily into creating loads and loads of unique and useful content for your site. One mistake made by many marketers early in their career is the tendency to “borrow” content from other sites. Unless you are giving credit where credit is due and the site-owner is aware of what you are doing, you never want to use content from another website on your site. Even when doing things in the proper manner, keep this to a minimum as search engines are not too keen on seeing re-hashed content. At least 85% of the content on your site has to be unique and related to whatever niche you are trying to market.

    3. Making sure your site is coded properly is also one of the bigger aspects of proper search engine deployment. If you have tons of javascript codes, useless tags, and just generally sloppy code – you are going to take a hit on your rankings. Your best bet, if you do not have ample experience with html, css, and javascript – leave it to the experts or at the very least use a reputable content management system. There are a ton of great CMS systems out there that make working on your page super easy if you do not have experience with web design.

In closing, we have barely even scratched the surface with regards to how important proper optimization of your site can be to your bottom-line. Whenever you have a few free moments to spare, take a look at other articles about SEO, read a SEO book, join a few forums and discuss techniques with like-minded entrepreneurs.

The bottom-line: you are going to get out what you put in so why not make the best of your time?